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Your business healthcare plan does not need to be expensive

If you are a business owner, especially if you operate a small business, you may be wondering how you can afford a health care insurance plan for your employees. You do not need to worry! Health care insurance can actually be quite affordable and it does not need to be expensive to provide health care coverage for your employees. Health care coverage, for most employers, is a necessity for today’s workforce. If you want to keep and attract good employees, you will need to provide a health insurance plan that has comprehensive coverage. And there are multiple things you can do to afford to provide a health care insurance plan for all of your employees.

To be able to afford to provide healthcare benefits to your employees, you can adopt a number of financial strategies where you are able to offset the cost of paying for an insurance plan. There are numerous things you can do to lower the costs of initial payments for health care plans or to gradually lower those costs over time.

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One thing you can do is to opt for using individual health care insurance plans instead of purchasing group health care benefits for all of your employees. Individual health care plans are often more affordable than group plans. So you can provide your employees with health care insurance on a case by case basis. You can just opt to provide them with an individual health care insurance plan once they have become regular employees. The quality and comprehensiveness of the plan could also increase along with the decrease of cost, so the quality of the health care benefits your employees will receive under individual plans could become better. You have to take note of the fact, that if you do switch over to individual plans, their contributions from their salary will have to be stopped too.

Another thing you can do to make the costs of paying for a health care insurance plan for your business’ employees, is by negotiating with your health care insurance provider. You can try and negotiate with them to lower the initial costs of the plan or lowering the premium payments you have to make. These two factors can decrease the amount you have to pay over time. You could negotiate on lowering the costs based on the facts that you make regular payments on your existing plan, or on the fact that you need to customise the plan’s cost because of the size of your company.

You should also note that the costs for paying the premiums of a health care insurance plan, through income taxes. Each month their income is deducted based on the percentage of the cost of your health insurance plan. Employers also gain tax benefits if they purchase a group insurance plan. The costs of paying for a health care insurance plan for employees can be used as a tax deductible if filed as a business expense.

As you can see, it can be quite affordable to pay for and provide a health care insurance plan for your employees.

Why you should get your teeth whitened: 9 reasons for it

Are you still unsure about whether or not you want to get your teeth whitened? Most corporate health care providers won’t cover cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening which can make procedures like in office laser whitening too expensive. Luckily there are much more affordable over the counter alternatives that work equally well, if not quite as quickly. Products like dental bleaching kits, pens and whitening strips are available from most drug stores, supermarkets as well as online with prices well within the budget of most professionals.

If you are unsure about whether or not you should try teeth whitening here are a few reasons that you might want to consider:

  1. You are a smoker

If you have been smoking tobacco, you will notice that you have some staining on your teeth. To correct this you will have to have your teeth whitened. Tobacco stains on your teeth can look very unsightly. This will mean that if you plan to truly fix your smoking problem, you will have to whiten your teeth too.

  1. You drink a lot of coffee

Millions of people around the world drink coffee, and chances are you are one of those people. Caffeine in coffee, and other similar drinks such as tea, can cause your teeth to become stained yellow. If you have ever gotten your teeth stained due to drinking caffeinated drinks, then you may want to fix that problem. You are able to do this by having your teeth professionally whitened.

  1. You want to become more confident

Having white teeth can make you gain more self-esteem. A smile is, after all, the first thing people will see when they meet you. If you want to be more confident in yourself and your smile, you should have your teeth whitened, in order to acquire a more radiant smile.

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  1. You want to advance your career

In certain kinds of jobs, you will need a good smile to get ahead. Examples of these jobs include flight attendants, models, and TV personalities to name a few. If you want to get ahead in those kinds of careers, you will need to have a brilliant smile.

  1. You have always wanted to have a great smile

Not everyone will start with a brilliant smile. Sometimes the perfect smile has to be worked on to be able to obtain it. If you have always wanted to have a great smile, one way you can get it is by getting your teeth whitened.

  1. You want to look younger

Teeth naturally become discoloured as you age. And if you want to appear younger than you actual age, having white teeth is an effective way to do this. Studies have shown that having straight, white teeth can make you appear much younger and more attractive than you actually are. A brilliant white smile makes everyone look fresher.

  1. You want an easy cosmetic procedure

Unlike most other cosmetic procedures, a teeth whitening job is very easy to do and is not invasive. You do not have to spend a long time at the dentist’s office either, most teeth whitening procedures only take at most an hour to complete.

  1. You have a special occasion coming up

Whether you have a wedding or a date, or even just a job interview that is coming, you will want to look your best for any special occasion. Getting your teeth whitened just before that special date can make you look much better.

  1. You want better teeth overall

The health of your teeth is also tied to their colour. If you want to have better overall tooth health, then you may want to get them whitened to a brilliant pearlescent shine.



5 factors to help you decide which healthcare plan to choose for your business

Making the decision to offer healthcare insurance to your employees is not a light decision to make. As an employer, you have to take into account several different factors when choosing the right kind of corporate insurance plans. But if you do decide to get healthcare insurance for your employees, then congratulations, you have just made a very responsible decision, plus you will make your employees very happy. A healthcare insurance plan is also a good investment, since it may keep your employees healthy. When you are choosing a healthcare insurance plan, you have to consider the following factors.

  1. Needs of employees

What are the health needs of your employees? Do they have families or dependents that need to be covered too? What kind of doctors do they need to see? You will need to ask yourself these questions when you are picking a plan for the company. You have to factor in the needs of your employees, because they will be the ones using the healthcare plan you will buy.

  1. Your budget

Depending on the budget you plan on spending for health insurance, the choice of a plan type will change. You have to balance your budget with the expected benefits you gain from a healthcare insurance plan. The smaller your company is, the more likely it will be more economical to choose a cheaper health insurance plan. You have to look into two factors with your budget on healthcare insurance. Most insurance healthcare plans come with two kinds of costs, guaranteed and likely costs.

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  1. Coverage types

You will need to clarify the kinds of coverage your insurer will provide. Different kinds of plans will only cover a specific number of healthcare services. For example, you will need to check whether or not the healthcare insurance plan you are going to choose, will include dental care or not. Not all doctors and hospitals will be covered by one company. So check on where and who is covered by the insurance plan, you are considering getting.


  1. Premiums

Both the employees and employers will carry the weight of premium costs with insurance plans. One of the first questions to ask yourself about premium costs is, will it be affordable? It has to be both affordable for your company, and especially your employee. Employees after all, will be the ones who will have deductions in their salaries based on the premium costs.

  1. Plan options from one insurance provider

Insurance providers will offer you several plans. If you have already settled on one insurance provider, you should check out all the plans they offer. They will most definitely have several different insurance plans at different price points and coverage types. Read all about their different health insurance plans, so you can better pick out the plan suited for your business.

 Hopefully, thanks to reading this article, you will have made a final decision on what kind of health insurance plan to get for your business. Healthcare benefits are, after all, a crucial part of an employee’s compensation package.

6 good reasons for why you need a healthcare plan for your business

Are you still not sure whether or not to provide healthcare benefits for your employees? There are a number of good reasons why a health insurance plan is an important part of employee compensation. If you need convincing about that fact, here are 6 good reasons for purchasing a corporate health insurance plan.

  1. Makes your employees happy

Employees will be happier knowing that they are covered by health insurance, which is provided by their employer. Employees will not feel as anxious about their health care needs when they have got a health care provider. These employees who are happier will want to stay in their workplace and they will appreciate their employers much more too.

  1. Increases employee productivity

Happier employees make for better and more productive workers. And if they become sick, they can go to a hospital to recover much faster. Employees can avail of the healthcare coverage to prevent any illness from getting worse. Less sick days means more days that the employees can work, which could inadvertently increase their productivity too.

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  1. Attractive for potential new employees


A comprehensive health insurance plan is attractive to potential new hires. More people will want to work for your business if they know that a healthcare package is included with their compensation. Most of your competing employers will offer health insurance to their regular employees, so to match that kind of offer to new employees, you have to offer your own health insurance coverage too.

  1. Helps you gain tax benefits

Businesses that have purchase group health insurance plans can also avail of some tax breaks and benefits. These tax benefits could potentially offset the cost of having to purchase a plan. The cost of health insurance is actually less than it seems because you can deduct the costs, as part of the employee’s income tax. You could even use the health insurance costs as a tax deduction to help you save more money on paying taxes.

  1. Increases employee retention

Employees are more likely to stay working at your company if you provide a comprehensive health insurance plan. They will be more grateful to you, and they know that if they leave, they will lose the health care benefits they have gained from working at your company. Healthy employees are also less likely to leave because of illnesses. Retaining employees helps you indirectly save money because you would not need to spend more time, money, and other resources on training new employees to fill in the roles of employees, who had just left.

  1. Better financial security

The costs of healthcare can be extremely high, sometimes high enough to risk financial ruin for some people. You can ensure that your employees and business have a sounder financial future, by preparing for the eventualities of bad health. You can use a health insurance plan to better prepare for a secure financial future. Ensuring the continuing health of your employees, through purchasing a health insurance group plan, will make sure that your business continues to stay in operation.